Problem Areas

Get skin care treatments to make your skin shine and radiate by visiting The Skin Studio in Lake Charles, LA

Chances are, there is something about your skin that you don't like. Problem areas that add years, pounds, unwanted hair or blemishes are an issue that many of us face. However, no matter what your skin concern, you don't have to face it alone.

Allison Clement, MD of The Skin Studios in Lake Charles, Louisiana, offer a variety of ways to banish any problem that you may have, whether it's unsightly acne or skin that has begun to sag. Answers are just a call away at (337) 474-1220 or by contacting us online.

Common Skin Care Issues

Age Groups

Your age plays a huge role in how your skin reacts to outside factors, such as the sun. UV rays are the biggest cause of premature aging and no matter how old you are, seeking the right treatment is vital for guarding against these effects.

Youthful skin is toned, bright, and full of elasticity; however, as we age, all of these conditions diminish. Because the skin loses collagen and support over time, Dr. Clement and Nurse Practitioner Littlefield offer customized treatment plans to fit the unique needs of every age group.

The most effective steps to maintaining a youthful glow include wearing sun protection, avoiding the harmful effects of smoking, and practicing a consistent, thorough aesthetic regimen. Set an appointment with The Skin Studios if aging has already taken a toll. Our experienced care can get you glowing again.

Skin Types

Skin types determine how your skin will react to certain environmental factors. Though skin types are genetic, they can also change over time. It is important to know your type in order to find the best treatments for your skin. Otherwise, additional issues may arise.

Whether your skin is oily, dry, combination, sensitive or normal, the right product is available for you. Those with sensitive skin will find it helpful to seek products that do not contain perfumes, dyes, colorants or any additives as these can irritate and cause a rash.

Those with normal skin often experience little to no problems. As for other skin types, the goal is to balance the skin. If you are oily, you should use non-oily products, while those with dry skin should apply moisture as much as possible. The Skin Studios can help you determine your type and get you on the right path to better skin maintenance.

Aging Skin

Though all skin is made of the same elements, the toll of time and continued exposure to the elements determine how our skin ages and reacts to various products. Age also plays a role in what treatments to use, as various conditions that result from age each require unique treatment plans. In addition, those seeking a proactive approach to prevent the signs of aging can benefit from an in-depth evaluation and treatment plan, which prevents early aging signs and keeps people looking great year after year. From facial veins to fine lines to skin laxity, there are countless areas that can be effectively treated through customized anti-aging treatment plans.

Factoring in aging skin concerns, our team takes a minimally-invasive approach to treating problem areas. A consultation is always recommended to ensure that you receive the best care possible. Visit for more information on treating aging skin.

General Conditions

General conditions of the skin affect how it looks and feels. While the most popular treatments typically concern acne, hair removal and excessive sweating, skilled treatments can provide care for additional problem areas as well. The team at The Skin Studios works to provide treatment for topical and dermal conditions affecting men and women of all ages, skin types, and ethnicities.

Although general skin conditions can occur at any time to anyone, everyone has their own unique composition. When treating the hair and skin, an individual's genetics, diet and external factors play a huge role in determining the cause and finding a solution for problematic skin.

Because no two bodies are completely alike, The Skin Studios offers customized care and treatment sessions to find what works best for you.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a process that eliminates body fat in specific areas, with our Forma and Body FX treatments being some of the most popular ways to get rid of inches that won't go away with normal diet and exercise. Additionally, other non-invasive methods include the use of lasers and radio frequency waves to also deplete stubborn fat.

Body contouring is increasing in popularity as these gentle, quick procedures will get you out the door fast with little downtime and no pain. However, contouring treatments work well for those with light to moderate body fat. More extreme cases will have to rely on other methods for losing weight and stubborn fat.

Other methods can provide similar body shaping results with the latest non-invasive technology. These procedures are FDA approved to melt stubborn body fat. To determine the treatment that is right for you, The Skin Studios team will gladly discuss the many options in a consultation.