Skin is an amazing, ever-changing organ that relies on regular upkeep to continue looking its best. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is constantly ridding itself of cells in order to maintain its overall health. However, those dead skin cells don't always fall off, and as a result, we must regularly exfoliate, cleanse, and replenish lost moisture as a means to regain smoothness and vibrancy, as well as assist with better penetration of skin care products and treatments.

Many women want more beautiful skin but don't always know how to obtain it. One of the first steps to getting the glorious skin of your dreams is to treat the body right from the inside out. If you are already experiencing symptoms that can't be alleviated with at-home skin care, then some of the best products on the market available at The Skin Studios will help you achieve balanced, toned, and brighter skin.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures, Allison Clement, MD make it possible to keep you looking fresh and beautiful using advanced daily skin care products from the comfort of home. If you suffer from discoloration, deep lines and wrinkles, or dull, dry skin, make an appointment at The Skin Studios in Lake Charles, Louisiana, today to learn about the top quality products we trust to protect and nourish all skin types. Call (337) 474-1220 or contact us online.

Elite and Effective Skin Care Brands

There are literally millions of skin care brands on the market to treat almost each and every condition, but they are not all equal. While some skin care treatments offer natural and organic solutions, some contain prescription strength medications. Some people even rely on ingredients found in their own kitchen to treat their skin.

There are a variety of skin care products available at the nearest grocery or convenience store. However, many mainstream cosmetics do not treat the underlying issues that create problematic skin. In fact, many conventional brands contain nothing but fillers and preservatives, used to perfume, color, and add bulk to the formula. These ingredients can actually cause conditions to worsen, resulting in comedones (blackheads), acne and clogged pores.

Ideal skin care products should not only help remedy skin issues, but should also provide powerful, therapeutic results with beneficial, beautifying ingredients. Talk to the team at The Skin Studios for additional guidance and beauty advice pertaining to the benefits of the following skin care treatment brands for men and women, carried by The Skin Studios:

  • SkinMedica - A cosmetic product line built on decades of research and clinical expertise that uses effective formulations containing high quality ingredients. SkinMedica provides researched-backed skin care treatments for acne, age defense, hydration, and much more. Learn more at
  • Epionce - A skin care system that transforms appearance with the use of botanical ingredients. Epionce adheres to the highest clinical standards in order to dramatically improve fine lines and wrinkles, clarity, texture and radiance.
  • Revision - Using raw ingredients from all over the world, Revision seeks to combat signs of aging as well as enhance its overall appearance. Revision offers solutions to help treat signs of age around the eyes, neck, face, and hands. Revision replenishes combination, dry, oily, sensitive and normal skin types.
  • Jack Black - Jack Black is the #1 men's skin care brand, delivering real ingredients extracted from plants. With its lightweight formulations, Jack Black is the ideal solution for treating men's aesthetic needs while offering effective fragrance-free, color-free and cruelty-free ingredients.
  • Obagi - Sold exclusively through medical spas and skin care professionals, Obagi offers an array of products to treat hyperpigmentation, premature aging, acne and sun damaged skin.
  • Elta MD - Recommended by burn centers and rehabilitation clinics, Elta MD offers an assortment of cosmetic products that includes sunscreens, wound healing, and other forms of skin care to help rebuild healthy skin.
  • Colorescience - A mix of health and natural beauty, Colorescience offers a mix of beauty cosmetics, such as mineral foundation, eye shadow, lip color, blush and more with built-in sun protection for your beauty arsenal.
  • Latisse - An FDA-approved treatment for those with thinning lashes. Latisse is a treatment that promotes the growth of longer, thicker, fuller, darker eyelashes using the medication bimatoprost.
  • Glo Minerals - A cosmetic line that includes therapeutic clinical skin care for transforming the skin and alleviating the signs of aging. Glo Minerals also provides nourishing mineral makeup for correcting and covering flaws.

Find Healthy Skin With Cosmetic Expertise

Cosmetics can sometimes cause acne and clogged pores because so many products often contain ingredients that are not good for the skin. Professionally-tested makeup is ideal for those looking to treat and prevent skin conditions, such as acne.

No matter what type of makeup you choose, always cleanse day and night to prevent acne and premature aging, wash makeup brushes to kill off bacteria, and use makeup that contains sunscreen as much as possible. Consult with The Skin Studios on the correct usage of cleansers and moisturizers for added radiance.