Find a Skincare Doctor in Lake Charles, LA

Find a Skincare Doctor in Lake Charles, LA

Choose The Skin Studios for anything from hair removal to skin care

Are you looking for a medical spa with services that will treat your problem areas? Look no further than the team at The Skin Studios Advanced Aesthetics and Anti-Aging in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Led by Dr. Clement, we offer cosmetic and medical treatments including:





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Beauty has no age

At The Skin Studios, we understand there is no age limit for the desire to be beautiful. That's why we offer our services for men and women of all ages in the Lake Charles area. Check out our Age Groups page under the Problem Areas tab. While you're there, you'll discover the common skin problems that occur during each decade-plus remedies to counteract the damage.

Find acne relief at The Skin Studios of Lake Charles, LA

If you find yourself constantly battling with blemishes and acne scars, schedule an appointment at The Skin Studios Advanced Aesthetics and Anti-Aging. We will start by examining your skin to determine if your acne type is:


  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Papules
  • Nodules
  • Cysts




If you have a mix of the above conditions, you may have combination skin. Depending on your acne type, we will recommend products and treatments that fit your budget and will eliminate acne as safely and effectively as possible.

Questions? Visit our Skincare page for more information, or call 337-474-1220 to schedule a skincare appointment in Lake Charles, LA.



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